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takeMS USB 2.0 LumX

A real Eyecatcher!

Noble, discreet, with a WOW effect, these are the characteristics of the USB-stick LumX. Its modern, transparent glass housing is a real eyecatcher. The highlight: the laser-engraved globe, as well as the takeMS logo glow while connected. The USB-stick LumX is available in blue, green, orange and violet and from 4GB up to 32GB.

Technical Features:

  • USB 2.0
  • Weight: 5,5g
  • Dimensions: 57mm x 12mm x 5mm (HxWxD)
  • Capacities: 4-32GB
  • Colors: blue, green, orange, Violet

Available Models:

NameCapacityColorPackageOrder No.
USB 2.0 LumX32GBblueretail115877
USB 2.0 LumX32GBgreenretail115878
USB 2.0 LumX32GBorangeretail115880
USB 2.0 LumX32GBvioletretail115879
USB 2.0 LumX16GBblueretail115874
USB 2.0 LumX16GBgreenretail115875
USB 2.0 LumX16GBorangeretail115876
USB 2.0 LumX16GBvioletretail115872
USB 2.0 LumX8GBblueretail115870
USB 2.0 LumX8GBgreenretail115871
USB 2.0 LumX8GBorangeretail115868
USB 2.0 LumX8GBvioletretail115873
USB 2.0 LumX4GBblueretail115863
USB 2.0 LumX4GBgreenretail115866
USB 2.0 LumX4GBorangeretail115867
USB 2.0 LumX4GBvioletretail115865

Datasheet USB 2.0 LumX:

Datasheet USB 2.0 LumX